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Product Features

-  ISO 17712:2013(E) “High Security Seal”, Clause 6 & C-TPAT compliant

-  Designed with anti-spin construction

-  The diameter of steel pin without plastic is 8mm

-  Galvanized low carbon steel wrapped with ABS

-  100% metal parts assembled for bottle with pure metal weight in 67.1g per seal

-  Large marking area to reach best printing and reading effect

-  The operation length after locking is 52mm, easy for cutting

-  Removable by bolt cutter, eyes protection is necessary


Main Applications

-  Container doors, truck doors, air cargos, etc.


Customization Options

-  Customer’s name, sequential number (laser)

-  Barcode

-  Variety of colors (yellow, white, orange…)

-  Molded customer’s info. on injection mould available



-  Standard Packaging: 10 pieces / plastic box - 25 boxes /carton

-  Carton Dimensions: 19.69" X 12.60" X 5.12" (50cm X 32cm X 13cm)

-  Carton Weight: Gross: 19.5 kg / Net: 18.5 kg


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