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Product Features

-  Tool-less arrow wire seal, 5 pieces per line.

-  Materials: both color locking insert and transparent body are polycarbonate

-  The external part is transparent for the visual control of integrity

-  Designed the insert with 8 locking teech, make sure all teeth locked when sealing

-  Pre-locked with 2 teeth in factory

-  Seal number printed on both the locking insert and body for tamper evidence

-  Metallic spiral wire: galvanized wire or stainless steel wire etc

-  Standard wire length is 25cm, lengths are available on request


Main Applications

-  Water meters, Fuel tanks, Gasoline pumps, Fiber Drums, Scales, Totes, etc.


Customization Options

-  Customer’s name, sequential number

-  Barcode (laser)

-  Variety of colors (yellow, white, red…)



-  Standard Packaging: 5 pieces / mat - 5000 pieces/carton

-  Carton Dimensions: 19.29" X 14.96" X 7.87" (49cm X 38cm X 20cm)

-  Carton Weight: Gross: 13.5 kg / Net: 12.5 kg


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