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Product Features

-  Tool-less roto seal

-  Molded in 5 pcs/mat for convenient delivery and better sequential number's control

-  Polycarbonate transparent external part for the visual control of integrity

-  ABS locking twist

-  Designed with big flag (27X13cm) for better printing & reading performance

-  Desinged the holes in vertical way, to make sure when we pre-assemble the wire into one hole before using, the assembled wire won’t block the other hole

-  Designed with the extension-part (by hot melting) to make sure it is impossible to pull the locking twist out from the locking house W/O any tamper evidence

-  Standard cable length: 25cm

-  Removable by cable cutter

Main Applications

-  Water meters, Fuel tanks, Gasoline pumps, Fiber Drums, Scales, Totes, etc.


-  Pass the wire through the holes in the plastic part

-  Turn the handle to the right to achieve perfect closure

-  After having adjusted it, the handle must be broken

Customization Options

-  Customer’s name, sequential number (laser)

-  Barcode

-  Variety of colors (blue, green, red, black…)

-  Variety of cable diameter and lengths


-  Packaging w/o wire: 100pcs/small bag- 5000 pcs /carton

-  Carton Specifications: 19.69" X 15.75" X 9.84" (50cm X 40cm X 25cm)

-  Carton Weight: Gross: 15.5 kg / Net: 15.0kg

Available Sealing Wire

-  2 strand galvanized wire in diameter 0.6mm

-  3 strand galvanized wire in diameter 0.9mm

-  3 strand copper wire in diameter 0.6mm

-  7 strand SS wire w/o PVC coated in diameter 0.6mm

-  7 strand SS wire PVC coated in diameter 0.7mm

-  Standard wire package in 1000m/roll and 10 rolls/carton

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